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Registered Petroleum Engineer

1551 Three Crowns Drive, Suite 317
Casper, Wyoming







Diamond Oil, LLC. - Manager

  • Family owned start up Oil Company.
  • Engineered, managed and supervised a small 1 rig multi-well Haynesville/Cotton Valley drilling and evaluation program containing over 20,000 gross acres in and around the Bellevue Field, North Louisiana.
  • Company bought out partner interest (DGH Petroleum) , taking over operations of a new fire flood and purchased a small natural gas pipeline company (Bellgas) to serve our Bellevue Haynesville/Cotton Valley development program.
  • Developed a model for and designed a 7 mile high pressure pipeline /gas gathering system.
  • Company had 3-10 full and partial time employees, of which, all but two, had little direct oil field training, education or experience. Developing company operations, technical culture and on the job training was a significant role.
  • Worked with accounting to setup AFE/Accounting/JIB cost system.
  • Assisted owner in efforts to sell Diamond operated Haynesville/Cotton Valley and fire flood properties in Lousiana
  • After two years, left Diamond to return to role as a registered Petroleum Engineer/Consultant.

Alpine Engineering Group Inc. - Professional Engineer/President

  • Petroleum Engineering Services including on-site drilling, completion and field operations, reserve determination, reservoir studies, economic evaluations, expert witness, coal bed methane drilling and completions, coiled tubing operations, rig assisted and stand-alone snubbing unit operations, and small computer application development. Special contract projects included working as a project manager implementing technical limits processes on jack-up and state of the art deepwater drilling rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. Most recent project is as Questar on site company representative directionally drilling 14,000' Mesa Verde wells on the Pinedale Anticline, Mesa Unit and Stewart's Point in western Wyoming.


Chris Holten-Professional Engineer/Computing Services - Professional Engineer/Owner

  • Engineering services, computer software and hardware development for various aspects of the engineering, oil field services and small business community.
  • Engineering services included on site drilling and completion operations, drilling and completion design, reservoir evaluations, application development and expert witness. Hardware services included PC sales, design and installation of PC systems for CAD, energy industry data acquisition, testing and monitoring. Many of these computer installations involved my designing, setting up and maintaining Novell and Windows NT networks.


Terra Resources - Rocky Mountain District Operations Manager

  • Operations Manager for Terra Resources drilling and producing operations in Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska and Utah, having up to 52 engineering, operations, and administrative personnel under my supervision.
  • Performed special on site supervision with difficult drilling and completion problems.


Damson Oil Corporation. - District Superintendent - Rocky Mountain District

  • Responsible for supervising company's production operations in North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico which encompassed 26 fields and 126 leases.
  • Performed on site supervision with difficult fishing and completion operations.


Woods Petroleum Corporation - Assistant District Manager/Drilling-Completions

  • Responsible for over-seeing the drilling and completion operations of up to 7 drilling rigs and district engineering functions in Wood's Rocky Mountain district.
  • Performed on site supervision with difficult drilling and completion operations

CONOCO Inc.- Supervising Engineer

  • Responsible for supervising up to 7 engineers and two technicians in two different area assignments which together included all of CONOCO's Operated properties in the Rocky Mountains. Engineering functions included drilling, reservoir, production and operations engineering and lease sale/purchase evaluations. Up to 17 drilling rigs were running at one time in my area of supervision.

CONOCO Inc.-Senior Engineer/Engineer/Test Engineer

  • Responsible for drilling, production and reservoir engineering functions in a variety of areas and fields in Wyoming, Colorado and Utah. These responsibilities included Powder River Basin water floods, solution gas drives, gas and CO2 injection and tight gas sands in Western Colorado. Utah and Wyoming.
  • Special projects included working on CONOCO's tight gas sands task force, a project to model and economically evaluate the major gas producing basins in western Wyoming, western Colorado and eastern Utah and on site testing of Project Rio Blanco, a project comparing nuclear stimulation to massive hydraulic fracturing in the Piceance basin of Colorado. Drilling engineering projects included rank exploration wells in the Idaho Overthrust and Williston Basin.




  • B.S., Petroleum Engineering, University of Wyoming
  • Registered Professional Engineer, Wyoming #3853, by national standard test for both EIT and PE.
  • MMS Approved Blowout Prevention Seminars, Completion and Drilling certification, Supervisors Level, sub sea and surface. MMS Certification is current.
  • Company and industry sponsored 3 day to 1 week seminars in Water Quality and Corrosion Control; Beam Pumping; Well Logging; Gas Production Systems Design; Acidizing; Hydraulic Fracturing; Production Operations; Cementing Seminar; Applied Drilling Practices; Appraisal and Investment Opportunities Seminar; Recruiting Workshop, Effective Writing; Team Concepts; Contemporary Supervision; Counsel and Appraisal Seminar; Effective Writing Instructor's Seminar; High Viscosity Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation.
  • Various classes for continuing education and professional certification including SPE Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation, Reservoir Characterization, SPE Coal Bed Methane Seminar, Drilling Technical Limits Seminar, Integrated Data Systems, Novel Networking and AutoCAD 14.
  • Current US Passport

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